Rolling Road


Our state-of-the-art rolling road dyno facilities can help you get the most out of your engine, whether it’s a 118bhp K-series, a supercharged Toyota V6 or any other size and configuration up to 1,000 bhp.

We run a full professional engine dyno from our workshop – by running your car on our dyno we can determine that your engine is performing to its correct specification and generating the right amounts of torque and power. We can also help diagnose running issues and prevent serious problems from occurring later on.

Full mapping facilities are available for your programmable ECU. We can offer a fixed mapping fee or charge by the hour if only a minor tweak is required.

Our dyno facilities also ensure that any work that we carry out on your engine can be instantly tested and proven before you head out on track.

Prices start from just £50, so whether you are a road or track driver, contact us now for how our engine dyno facilities can work to your advantage.