Car Preparation & Set up

From our 7,000 square foot workshop we provide full race car preparation and set up services for all types of road and race cars, not just Lotus models. Our highly-experienced mechanics and engineers' skills range from tuning and alignment to complete service and suspension setup.

When we service your race car, we follow a comprehensive check-list. We go through every system, check every nut and bolt from front to rear. We check the calipers, brakes, transmission, dampers, springs, fluids and much more. We’ll check everything from differential bearings to tyre wear.

In our purpose-built engine / gearbox shop we can accomodate any rebuild or upgrade required. Recent builds include an Evora GT4 4.0 engine and an Elise 2ZZ engine. We rebuild Xtrac sequential gearboxes and Elise S3 220 gearboxes on a regular basis. Please contact us with your requirements.

Your car’s suspension geometry is critical to handling and performance on the track. From alignment and corner weighting to setting camber, castor and toe; we’ll make sure your car is ready for whichever track you are driving.

Geometry price is £119 for a road car full set-up, which covers camber, castor and toe. Race car full set-up is £219 which also covers ride height and corner weighting.

Last but not least is what we call driver set-up. Often overlooked is the impact that driver set-up can have on lap times. Are you too close to the steering wheel or too far away? Can you heel-and-toe? You’d be surprised that making even minor adjustments to your position in the car can drop tenths of seconds from your lap time!

Therefore, Race Car preparation involves much more than just bleeding brakes and charging the battery when required. Race Cars are complex machines and each part must work properly in order for a race weekend to go well. Like many racing drivers, you may not have the time to devote attention to these items, so take advantage of ES Motorsport’s extensive knowledge and experience. Please contact us to discuss your car and its particular needs and we can help you have a more successful and enjoyable racing experience.

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