Data Analysis

Even the most powerful and sweetest-handling car can’t turn in fast lap times if the driver isn’t up to scratch, so our track-tuning options extend to driver training and coaching.

Whether you are driving on track for fun or competing for those vital tenths, we have access to some of the best brains in the business. From getting round the track in a representative time to coping with relentless pressure in the final few laps of a race, ES Motorsport will make sure that you are turning in the very best performance that you are capable of.

ES Motorsport helped its race drivers lift almost 100 trophies during the 2019 season, including championships and several overall race victories. With access to our driver coaching facilities, we’ll help you unlock your potential too.

Data Analysis is the link between car performance and setup and driver training. It helps us to perfect the car and you to optimise your driving to the track. With data logging systems now widely available, it’s an essential aid for the competitive club racing driver.

Sorting through streams of data can be daunting, however ES Motorsport is here to take the mystery out of the process.

Our high-tech data logging systems and data experts can pinpoint exactly what needs to be fine-tuned, and whilst our technicians will take care of the car, we’ll also make sure you know what to do on track to get the best lap time.

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