ECU Upgrades

The Engine ECU is the key to obtaining more power from your modified engine, we can offer various power upgrades.

We can remap any of the Lotus ECUs from the Rover K4 to the latest T6 ECU fitted to the Evora / Exige / Elise. We have a large inventory of maps to upload to your ECU or we can live map your car on our dyno if required. All our ECU / Power Upgrades can be found here

For more modified cars, we have developed many ECU conversions in partnership with Specialist Control Systems Ltd and their SCS Delta range of ECUs.

Our most recent project was an Evora S 350; we installed a Delta 800 ECU kit along with a race exhaust system, modified camshafts and an uprated induction system. This car now develops 500bhp and is still as driveable as the stock 350 while retaining all the original car functions.

Our own Elise S3 LCE Open class Race Car has the latest Delta 880 ECU which controls the engine and the paddle-shift sequential gearbox, as well as variable traction control. The car runs through a Delta PDM unit.

We can supply DIY kits or install at our workshop.

We can also manufacture any custom wiring, to your requirements.

Prices for all these parts can be found in our shop

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