Elise / Exige / 2-11 2ZZ-FE

ES Motorsport has developed a number of different upgrades over the years.

Upgrades start with a lowered cam switch for the 190 Elise/Exige, this brings the standard cam change over point from 6200rpm to 5700rpm.

Our most popular upgrade is the Exige 220 to 260. This consists of an uprated fuel pump, larger injectors and a reflash to suit as per the factory 260 model.

Add a tubular manifold, one of our HKS induction kits to the above, along with an ECU reflash, you will then see 300bhp.

After that you need charge cooling and stronger internals.

Once you have gone past the Induction kit & Exhaust set up and are looking for more power, we recommend fitting a reprogrammable ECU. This makes any changes you make simple to adjust. Our SCS ECU kits keep all the car functionality of the stock ECU.

We have worked on many projects with heavily modified 2ZZ engines so please feel free to get in touch with us about your requirements.

All engine work, fitting, reprogramming/mapping is done in-house. Please call or email us for further information.

All our kits are available in our parts shop elise-spares.com.

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