Elise S3 2ZR-FE

ES Motorsport has developed a number of different upgrades over the years.

These start with a 250 upgrade for the Elise S 220. This kit consists of one of our HKS Induction Kits and your original ECU reflashed to suit.

Add a tubular manifold & larger injectors to the above and you will see close to 300bhp.

We are working on a 320 kit which will have a full race exhaust, ES spec camshafts and a smaller Supercharger pulley. We recommend upgrading engine internals such as forged pistons & conrods with this upgrade.

We have fitted a TVS1320 Supercharger to our own development car with massive torque figures, details of this project to follow.

Once you have gone past the Induction kit & Exhaust set up and are looking for more power we recommend fitting a reprogrammable ECU, this makes any changes you make simple to adjust. Our SCS ECU kits keep all the car functionality of the stock ECU.

All engine work, fitting, reprogramming/mapping is done in-house so please speak to us about your specific requirements.

All our kits will shortly be available in our parts shop elise-spares.com

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