Performance Upgrades

ES Motorsport are constantly developing performance upgrades, our background is racing and where better to test our upgrades but on track.

The V6 2GR-FE is a great base for upgrading, we can upgrade the early 350 to 400bhp quite easily and we have seen 600bhp with extensive mods, even at this power the car is perfectly driveable and still as reliable as ever.

The new Elise 2011 on with the 2ZR-FE engine again is a great base and our starter kit is 250bhp with 300bhp - this is achievable without any internal work, we are working on a 350 kit so keep an eye out for this.

We have been modifying earlier models like the Rover K and the 2ZZ-FE for over 10 years so we have lots of experience here.

All engine build work is carried out in-house as well as remapping, along with any electrical mods.

Once completed, all cars are rigorously tested in our dyno cell.

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